Press Release for “Simple Complexity” Exhibition on

Adam Weston expresses his perception of energy, movement and the expanding nature of the cosmos through an approach akin to Japan’s traditional “Urushi” lacquerware (漆). His material of choice is acrylic, layered multiple times and meticulously polished between coatings. Intense attention to detail – applying the medium, eroding and then re-applying – brings out the complex elements of the painting. Deep layers of color beautifully highlight the intricate organic texture of the underlying foundation. The cyclical process combined with the consistency of the pattern draws a parallel between the vast, unseen continuity of the universe and a steady familiar rhythm.

Born and raised in a family of artists in New York City, Weston relocated his studio to Japan in 2004. After years of living abroad, Shinto (神道) and Zen Buddhism (禅) have had a profound effect on his meditative practice of producing art. A longtime interest in Taoist philosophy and transcendental meditation has led Weston along a path of “simple complexity” to a fundamental expression of pure being. His work focuses on this purity communicating the infinite essence of balance, peace, and Gaia harmony – capturing to the core the very fibers of our existence.